Towed discs

General information

The VVT 2.8., 3.0 and 3.2-type discs, in a moderately heavy, tracted design have been developed for universal tractors, for 75-120 hp. The two disc elements are arranged in a “V”-shape.

Model Discs distance (cm) Discks diameter (mm) Discs no. (pcs) Weight (kg)
Comet 2.8 22 560 28 1400
Comet 3.0 22 560 30 1450
Comet 3.2 22 560 32 1500

Field of application

The disc is suitable for the cultivation of the soil surface, chop the plant residues and mix it into the ground up to a depth of 22 cm.


The rotation of the disc plates strung on a single, common axis and placed in an angle of 12 or 25 degrees cultivates the land. Depending on the angle, the intensity of grinding and chopping will vary.